Examples of work

Our work has seen us apply our unique approach to help organisations including: 

Project examples

Client: BP Australia
Project: 3D Risk Management Training
Brief: Produce an online course with embedded 3D scenarios that can be accessed remotely and provide learners with an opportunity to apply their Risk Management skills in a series of workplace scenarios.
Client: Bakers Delight
Project: Welcome Book Online Induction
Brief: Produce a resource to welcome and induct new team members at Bakers Delight, utilising animation, video/sound, imagery, interactives and multiple choice assessment.
Client: BP Australia
Project: Hand Held Terminal Training
Brief: Produce a scenario based resource that can be accessed remotely and provides learners with an opportunity to watch, then perform the most common tasks required for their role.
Client: MBF Health (BUPA)
Project: Retail Extras Training
Brief: Produce an interactive, engaging, SCORM compliant course for upload to client Learning Management System, including audio and assessment.
Client: BP Australia
Project: Environmental Awareness
Brief: Design problem-based, interactive scenarios to support BP’s Environmental Awareness online courses, to reinforce learning outcomes
Client: Regional Reach Advertising
Project: Engaging Online games
Brief: Produce games to capture the attention of the audience and educate them about the benefits of the product.
Client: CSL
Project: Intranet CMS integration
Brief: Co-design, test and launch a new intranet for the Australian operations, including the running of focus groups and training in the use of the new Content Management System.