The three C’s of e-learning

So your staff development approach ticks the biggest box, the first of what I call the 3 ‘C’s’. OK we all understand the importance of Compliance, but what about the other 2 ‘C’s’?

Over the last 15 years I’ve seen e-learning evolve – from humble beginnings as a
collection of online documents without a defining name – to the colourful, rich and
engaging interactive games and scenarios of recent times.


And now to some extent, back again.

Whether it’s corporate spending cuts, or legal and risk management concerns that now
seem to be placing greater course publishing responsibilities in the hands of technical
staff and click-2-publish “rapid” elearning tools, we must still be careful not to
forget the greater purpose behind training; to produce learners who embody the other
2 ‘C’s’ – Competency and Confidence, that is, demonstrating the ability to complete a task and feeling comfortable about not only performing it, but leading the way.

No doubt compliance is necessary, and will help the heads of HR and Legal sleep well, but staff still need to know what they are doing, and understand health, safety and environmental issues.

Is it time to assess whether your e-learning is simply ticking boxes, or if its an in-house
champion transferring real knowledge to learners?

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