Social media – “Beyond the broadcast”

Social media is a growing and powerful medium that can work for your organisation as an information gateway, promotional tool, or an effective way to engage and receive feedback from customers, the community or other stakeholders.


Download our summary ‘one-sheet’ here readersocial-media

Needs assessment – Are you ready for social media? Should you be on Facebook or Twitter? Maybe your organisation is already “doing it”, but do you know why – or even who and by which guidelines? Are you aware of the benefits and pitfalls of social media? So many questions – and we can help you answer them and provide clarity.

Social media strategy –  Its an “all in or all out” medium that requires planning and thought, with one eye on outcomes, resources and return on investment. It can grow quickly, but an organisation can also lose focus and control without clear steps and buy-in from all stakeholders. Do you have a strategy in place to ensure you are heading in the right direction?

Remote feed management – We have years of experience managing client feeds. Whether you need help finding or creating content, scheduling posts, responding to questions and comments, or all of the above – we have done it all

Staff training – Not sure how to respond to social media communication or feedback? Should you delete comments or let them stand? Are your staff across responsible use of social media? Our sessions are simple, informative and fun!

Risk management and brand protection – Do you have a social media use policy? Do you know the difference between Monitoring and Moderation? Do you have a Social Media Emergency Response Plan (SMERP) in place? Social media is a communications area that is becoming more regulated, and it’s also critical to understand how to manage risks when they present on your own platforms.

Marketing support – Even organisations that have a social media strategy in place need objective support and feedback. In a dynamic environment built on a fluid technology, we can assist any department.